Eye and Lash Health 2x Certification Course

With the Eye and Lash Health 2X Certification course you will learn how to recognise eye conditions, how to consult with your clients properly and how to give them lashes for life.

Over 5 hours of content, 20 modules, 2 certificates from the Eye and Lash Health Institute, USA

Certificate 1:

Eye Conditions and Diseases

  • Discover the Art of recognising eye conditions and diseases
  • Know when to turn away a client and send them to a doctor
  • Recognise, don’t diagnose and it’s importance of being a lash artist
  • Uncover the importance of eye and lash health and how to keep your eyes fit for life.
  • Educate your clients on lash health and gain trust

Certificate 2:

Recognising Sensitivity Before it occurs

Ellie Malmin, USA founder of the eye and lash heath institute, has been working with a Board Certified Optometrist and Dermatologist for many years to develop a clear understanding of eye and lash health, possible sensitivities and reactions.

  • She teaches the unique method and helps recognise when an eye or skin reaction may occur, which is now brought to you by Julia Mann and Lash Tribe.
  • You’ll discover how to distinguish between a variety of issues that effect different skin types
  • You will learn how to prevent allergies by using one very unique, award winning product.

Be one of the world’s leading eye and lash specialists with this Masterclass Training.

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Eye and Lash Health 2x Certification Course


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