Eye Shapes and Styling Video

Lash Design is one of the most important things in our profession. 

Get Full Access to the 30 Minute Mini Course where you will learn:

  • The 10 different Eye Shapes
  • The 6 Main Styles/Effects
  • How to use each Style and map it out
  • How to use the different Curls within your Design
  • How Eyebrow Shapes effect the Styling we choose

You will also get the offical Eye Shapes and Styling booklet, valued at $59 AUD as an e-book that you can print out.

Finally you will be able to tell what kind of lashes would suit your client the best and how you can correct certain eye shapes to make them look more appealing.

Fix a droopy eye? No problem!

Make a small eye look larger? Yes, we can do that! 


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Eye Shapes and Styling Video


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