GROW YOUR LASH BUSINESS | Social Media Marketing, Branding & Business Growth

This online “Social media marketing, branding & business growth” course was first called. “SAVE MY LASH BUSINESS”.

It was first launched when covid-19 hit the world and was designed to help Lash Artists to come back with a bang and learn, implement and keep up to date with their social media marketing during that time.

Over 356 lash artists joined us during that time with great results in their business, after they opened up again.

Whether pre or post covid-19, social media marketing is the NO 1 THING that attracts clients to businesses these days.

Social media marketing, branding & business growth is what it’s all about but it can be quite daunting and scary when it comes to all the techie stuff.

This is why this course was designed. To show step by step processes on how to write successful ads on Facebook and Instagram & create a brand…YOUR BRAND, that will stand out from the rest.

Now that things are returning back to normal, this course is still an amazing opportunity to learn and implement social media marketing in your life and business.

We have included

Hours and hours worth of a marketing and branding content, pulled from Lash Tribe’s successful “6 weeks Business Transformation”, Mastermind and Live Lash Lessons, as well as extra content that was Especially made for Lash Artists to with:

  • Ideas and strategies to stay relevant and in the forefront of your clients mind
  • Create affordable but impactful ads your clients will engage with.
  • Systems we need to work on during this time to come back stronger on the other end.
  • Being able to make some money whilst the salon is shut PLUS keep going with great results AFTER lockdown.
  • Guest Expert Training from “Salon of the year” award winners, Dee and Steve Moore from MOORE BEAUTIFUL.

And of course a thriving, like-minded community, all with one goal in mind:

Creating the business of their dream, with happy clients and a great income.

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