Lash Tribe® Pro Vault and Facebook Group

Only available for Lash Artists with Certification or Lash Salon Owners – Please make sure you have a certificate or proof of lash salon ownership before you commit and email it to  

Lash Tribe® Pro is born. 
Would you like to see ALL Lash Tribe Group Videos and lash, products and business information categorised and easily found on ONE membership site at a minimal monthly fee? Similar to a Video and Resources Library Website were content can easily be found in their category….

This is called the Lash Tribe® Pro VAULT

All content (correct info) from the beginnings of Lash Tribe are now found in the VAULT.

With almost 15K members in the Lash Tribe® group, admins are started to get overwhelmed and we cannot guarantee the correct information that is given by others which can be potentially a little dangerous.
We have blocked hundreds of people for bullying, spamming and continuously giving bad advice. And this is why:

Lash Tribe® Pro is here !

Along with Lash Tribe Pro, we have opened up a support group to discuss the most important topics and offer ongoing guidance and support in lashing as well as business.

As this is a worldwide group, you are charged in USD.

You only pay 15.90 USD, per month, which is around


or €13.50,

or £11.90

or 19.70CAD

per month- this will vary with exchange rates


Please note that no new Volume Fanning Techniques are shared within the Group or any other advanced Volume and Mega Volume Techniques. 

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. There is no lock in contract

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Lash Tribe® Pro Vault and Facebook Group

$15.90 per month

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