Pump Up The Volume | Fan Perfection Course

This Course is for you if:

You are an existing Volume Lash artist

  • You may have attended other courses in the past but weren’t very in depth
  • You want to learn more than 1 pick-up technique
  • You are struggling with your current Volume fanning techniques
  • Your fans are not consistent and you get straight T-bar and crossed bases every now and then.
  • You feel a little stuck in your ways that are NOT working
  • You have issues with the Tweezers and Products you are using
  • You want to get the correct “wrapping technique on a more consistent basis”
  • You would like your sets to last longer
  • You are not getting that fluffy and full look that you see everyone achieve on Instagram

This Training is not for you if:

You Have NEVER done Volume lashes before and you are struggling with isolation.

What do you get?

Here is what’s included in this Certification Course:

12 Units of competency, over 25 Lessons


Unit 1 : Volume Lashes 101

Lessons 1-6

-Intro the Volume

-Characteristics of a fan

-Different attachments

-Dipping your fan into adhesive

-Woking with layers

-The Pi-Formula

Unit 2: Tweezers 101

Lessons 1-2

-Picking the right Tweezers for you

-Adjusting your Tweezer

Unit 3: Dipping your fans correctly

Unit 4: Product Knowledge

Unit 5: Working on a sponge/model- fan attachment

Unit 6: Narrow vs Wide fans

Unit 7 : Techniques to create the perfect fan

Lessons 6-16:

Fanning Set up & 8 Techniques to create the perfect fan, working with L curls

Unit 8: Saving a split fan/attachment issues

Unit 9: T Bar Trouble shooting for skinny bases

Unit 10: Case-Study requirements


30 Degree Angled fan attachment for “the perfect line and swept looks” ( very advanced technique) to create  stunning perfect lines. 


Brand NEW Fanning Technique, developed by Julia Mann “Dip Joint Technique”

There is more…

BONUS: You will gain exclusive access to our 24/7 on Demand VIP Support Group for your ongoing support.

BONUS: The course is yours for LIFE, with access at your fingertips 24/7.

BONUS: You will have the option to purchase a kit and any other Lash Tribe Products from our Shop at 20% off for life, once you are a part of our family.

Here is why Students Love the course:

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Pump Up The Volume | Fan Perfection Course


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